We’re proud to announce that we are now a member of the East of England Energy Group!

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that we have recently joined the esteemed East of England Energy Group. This membership represents a significant milestone for our organisation and reinforces our commitment to supporting the energy industry with its short-term accommodation needs. In this article, we will explore the benefits and objectives of this partnership, shed light on our accommodation solutions for the energy sector, and discuss our participation in the upcoming SNS 2023 Vision event.

Joining the East of England Energy Group

As a member of the East of England Energy Group, we have gained access to a network of industry leaders and experts in the energy sector. This affiliation allows us to stay up to date with the latest trends, innovations, and challenges in the field. Moreover, it presents us with numerous opportunities to collaborate with key stakeholders and contribute to the growth and development of the industry as a whole.

Benefits and Objectives

By becoming a part of the East of England Energy Group, we aim to achieve several key objectives. Firstly, we strive to enhance our knowledge and understanding of the energy industry’s unique requirements, enabling us to tailor our services specifically to their needs. Secondly, we aim to establish ourselves as the go-to choice for short-term accommodation solutions in East Anglia, providing comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective options for energy professionals.

Supporting the Energy Industry

The energy industry operates in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, often requiring professionals to work in different locations or on short notice. Recognising these challenges, we are committed to providing flexible and reliable accommodation solutions that cater to the specific demands of the industry. Whether it’s housing personnel during project deployments, facilitating team meetings and conferences, or providing comfortable lodging for business travelers, our offerings are designed to meet the diverse needs of the energy sector.

Accommodation Solutions for the Energy Sector

Understanding the unique requirements of the energy sector is crucial in delivering tailored accommodation solutions. At The Rampart, we have developed a deep understanding of the industry’s short-term accommodation needs and have curated a range of options to address them effectively.

Understanding the Short-Term Accommodation Needs

The energy industry often requires professionals to work on projects that span days, weeks, or months. During these engagements, having a comfortable and convenient place to stay is essential for ensuring productivity and well-being. The Rampart specialises in providing short-term accommodation that offers all the comforts of home, combined with the convenience and flexibility required by energy professionals.

The Rampart: A Premier Choice in East Anglia

Located in the heart of East Anglia, The Rampart stands as a premier choice for short-term accommodation in the region. Our properties are strategically situated near major energy hubs, providing easy access to project sites and ensuring minimal commute times. Each accommodation unit is meticulously designed and furnished to offer a comfortable and productive living environment, equipped with modern amenities and facilities to meet the needs of business travelers.

SNS 2023 Vision Event: Showcasing our Business

We are thrilled to be presenting our business and The Rampart at the SNS 2023 Vision event in Norwich. This prestigious event, hosted by the East of England Energy Group, brings together industry leaders, innovators, and key stakeholders to discuss the future of the energy sector. Participating in this event provides us with a unique platform to showcase our expertise, engage with industry professionals, and establish valuable connections.

Overview of the SNS 2023 Vision Event

The SNS 2023 Vision event is an annual gathering that aims to shape the future of the energy industry in the East of England. It serves as a platform for sharing knowledge, fostering collaboration, and exploring emerging trends and technologies. The event features panel discussions, interactive sessions, and exhibitions, creating a dynamic environment for industry professionals to connect and learn from each other.

Importance of the Event for the Energy Industry

The SNS 2023 Vision event holds immense significance for the energy industry as it provides a forum for thought leaders to address key challenges and explore opportunities for growth. The discussions and insights generated during the event can shape policies, influence investment decisions, and propel innovation within the sector. By participating in this event, we actively contribute to the industry’s progress and demonstrate our commitment to supporting its development.

Our Role in the Event

At the SNS 2023 Vision event, we will have the opportunity to showcase our expertise in providing short-term accommodation solutions to the energy industry. Through interactive presentations, networking sessions, and informative displays, we will highlight the unique features and benefits of The Rampart and how it caters specifically to the needs of energy professionals. We look forward to engaging with industry peers, sharing our insights, and forging meaningful partnerships during this event.


Joining the East of England Energy Group marks an important milestone for us, reinforcing our dedication to supporting the energy industry with its short-term accommodation needs. With our membership, we aim to establish The Rampart as the preferred choice for energy professionals in East Anglia, providing them with comfortable, convenient, and tailored accommodation options. Additionally, our participation in the SNS 2023 Vision event enables us to showcase our business and engage with industry leaders, fostering collaboration and driving innovation in the energy sector.